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Leno Cornflake! [12 Aug 2005|01:31pm]
Gotta love ebay!
Click Here!
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tonight show taping tickets to trade? [21 Mar 2005|02:18am]

i am new to this community - but watch jay faithfully!

i got tickets to see him on monday 3/28 but due to some travel arrangements i can't go that day. i want to go on friday 3/25. does anyone know a good site that either sells tickets or better yet swaps tickets? i already posted on craigslist but no luck yet.

any information would be highly appreciated!
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[11 Jan 2005|04:45pm]

i don't care if i get kicked out. I'll leave by myself. Leno sucks. i can't wait untill he leaves NBC. He's so boring and never takes risks/states his opinion in his comedy like Letterman or Conan. Why doesn't he use his money elsewise besides freaking cars? i find it amusing that theres more conan communities then JL ones, and why do you think that is??
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[12 Dec 2004|09:25pm]
Many websites recently have been offering free iPods for completing simple offers and getting others to do so. The companies get paid by the referral companies, and they make enough to give you an iPod and still make a profit. It's legit.


Click the link, sign up, and complete one of the offers. The Citi-Bank credit card offer is probably your best bet. Sign up for the card, and then cancel it the next day. Or, you can keep it. No hidden fees or annual payment, but you can cancel if you don't want a credit card.

Then get 5 other people to sign up under you (have them apply for the card, and cancel as well), and you get an iPod. Simple as that. You pay nothing when you cancel it.

Feel free to email any questions you may have.
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Where Are You Guys? [03 Dec 2004|06:50am]

Where are you guys? Jay Leno deserves way more than a few posts.
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Jay Rocks My Socks [28 Oct 2004|02:50pm]

wow....I can`t believe more people are`nt posting in this journal eithier. I love Jay. He deserves just as big of a following as Conan. Iron Jay, Jaywalking, Kip and Kim, Headlines, Ross the Intern....I mean does it get any better than that? He`s so awesome. I can`t believe he is retiring soon. I`ll miss him when he`s gone!
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[20 Oct 2004|01:37am]

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Hey, you guys! I can't believe there aren't more members here--Jay is so underappreciated. Whoever made this community rocks...and...the picture on the background is adorable!

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[26 Aug 2004|12:49am]

so maybe 2 or 3 years ago i went on a family vacation to California. my dad has connections so he got us tickets to the tonight show. but me and my brother at the time were under 16 so we couldnt be in the audience so we were in the green room watching it all unfold live. it wasnt the actual greenroom where like jay and the guests are, but like a level below that where all the guests family and posse are. it was fun. we got to eat from the buffet and jay had some great taste in chicken. we befriended a tech guy and got some gummy worms out of it. and after it all my fam got a picture with the man himself. it was fun.

by the way...if anyone remembers it was the show with Sunshine Anderson(singer) and Paul Hogan(crocodile dundee).
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[20 Aug 2004|01:29pm]

hi, my name is michelle, i'm 21, live in portage michigan. i try to watch jay every night, and then conan after!
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User info [12 Aug 2004|11:37pm]

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If anyone here has any ideas for how to improve the userinfo for this community please comment :).

Also if you wanna be co-mod tell me...

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