.Madeline. (rocknthechucks) wrote in jay_leno,

so maybe 2 or 3 years ago i went on a family vacation to California. my dad has connections so he got us tickets to the tonight show. but me and my brother at the time were under 16 so we couldnt be in the audience so we were in the green room watching it all unfold live. it wasnt the actual greenroom where like jay and the guests are, but like a level below that where all the guests family and posse are. it was fun. we got to eat from the buffet and jay had some great taste in chicken. we befriended a tech guy and got some gummy worms out of it. and after it all my fam got a picture with the man himself. it was fun.

by the way...if anyone remembers it was the show with Sunshine Anderson(singer) and Paul Hogan(crocodile dundee).
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